Why Choose OSM for Global eCommerce Shipping?

At OSM, we know eCommerce success depends on fast, reliable shipping. That’s why our OSM Premium Network partners with USPS to enter packages at the furthest possible point in the international shipping and domestic shipping stream. With competitive parcel shipping rates and full visibility from our OSMART technology platform, it’s the most powerful way to shorten delivery times and lower your total cost of shipping.

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Thanks to our unique partnership with USPS, we can deliver 98 percent of packages within one to five business days.

We prioritize reliability, with full door-to-door tracking and visibility to keep your online shoppers satisfied.

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Our experienced team can consult with you to right-size your packaging, maximizing durability and cost savings.

Need later pickup times? Our parcel shipping services include flexible scheduling, giving you as much time as possible to get orders fulfilled.

Case Study

See why Harry’s Razors chooses OSM for fast, reliable subscription service shipping.

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