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Is your business in the global marketplace, or trying to expand its footprint? OSM can help, with efficient shipping to more than 180 countries and territories. The expertise, network and partnerships we bring to domestic delivery apply to our international shipping as well. We find the best routes, we work with USPS and foreign facilities, and we lower the costs. It’s a win for both you and your customers.

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Our close relationships with international postal authorities help us identify the best routes and shipping service for you.

We can help you navigate customs clearance, cargo screenings, and enhanced security and quality checks.

If domestic postage charges are more cost-effective, we can sometimes forward mail to destination countries at even more competitive shipping rates.

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Our OSMART technology suite lets you track, trace and manage any shipment, 24/7.

Multiple International Options

Whether your need is timeliness or managing budgets, OSM International has a way to get your packages where they need to be, quickly, reliably and affordably. Explore the package types, dimensions and weights below.

International Priority Airmail (IPA)

OSM Global Priority

Our Global Priority service airmails your packages through USPS, then handles them as priority mail in their destination country. This service is quick and efficient, with highly competitive parcel shipping rates. It’s ideal for companies that send parcels, business mail, advertising mail and other time-sensitive items that require minimal tracking.

ClearanceDelivery Duty Unpaid
Maximum SizeGirth 36
Maximum Weight4.4 lb.
DIM Charge?No
Value Limit$400
Delivery Time4–10 days
International ePacket Shipping

OSM Global Priority ePacket

OSM is one of the few USPS partners to provide ePacket shipping services for eCommerce companies shipping internationally. Perfect for lightweight, low-value merchandise, our Global Priority ePacket shipping services help online retailers ship to 30 countries, faster and at a lower cost for their consumers.

ClearanceDelivery Duty Unpaid
Maximum SizeGirth 36
Maximum Weight4.4 lb.
DIM Charge?No
Value Limit$400
Delivery Time4–10 days
Priority Mail International (PMI)

OSM Global Priority Parcel

If your company’s packages are too heavy to be classified as ePackets, our Global Priority Parcel service is made for you. This expedited mailing service offers fast delivery and full tracking for packages weighing up to 66 pounds — and can reach any country around the world.

ClearanceDuty Delivery Paid
Maximum SizeGirth 108
Maximum Weight66 lb.
DIM Charge?No
Value Limit$2,500
Delivery Time4–10 days

OSM Global Standard

OSM Global Standard is a budget-friendly shipping solution for flats and letters that aren’t time sensitive. Our highly competitive shipping rates help you satisfy international consumers while managing your overall cost of shipping.

ClearanceDelivery Duty Unpaid
Maximum Size¾ inch thick
Maximum Weight4.4 lb.
DIM Charge?No
Value Limit$20
Delivery Times7–14 days



Shipping outside the borders of the United States to any country. International shipping can be more complicated than domestic shipping because every country has a specific set of shipping regulations and laws. Some countries have stricter policies that prohibit the transportation of certain goods or products. Additionally, international shipping requires shippers to manage time zones, language barriers and currency exchanges. Choosing a shipping partner that is familiar with these processes can make shipping products internationally more efficient and effective.

OSM offers various international shipping options to allow you to choose the solution that meets your business needs.

International Shipping Service Options:

  • Global Priority
  • Global Priority ePacket
  • Global Priority Parcel
  • Global Standard

International shipping rates are calculated similarly to domestic shipping prices. Shipping carriers calculate shipping charges based on either the package weight or volume. Whichever is greater becomes the billable weight of the package. The overall shipping cost also factors in the shipping origin, shipping destination and delivery speed.

Given the complexity of international shipping, there are several aspects that can go wrong with international shipments including inaccurate address details, incorrect dimensions/weights, incorrect customs forms, shipping unknowingly restricted materials and more. Shipping partners with experience eliminate the headache by managing the details on your behalf.

Packages may include a variety of items including apparel, books, publications or any other items within the weight/dimension limits that comply with the restricted and hazardous material guidelines.

Yes. Every country has its own set of rules and regulations on the types of goods allowed across the border and the fees associated with the process. The EU (European Union) has regulations concerning not only what is shipped but requires additional label criteria and packaging that meet specific recycling standards. There are many countries that do not allow shipments from the United States altogether.

Items shipped from the United States to another country require additional paperwork, including customs forms (except for First-Class Mail International® letters and large envelopes under 15.994 oz). The form you need varies by the specific USPS® mail service used, and the total value of the package shipped. Find and print out U.S. customs forms at USPS®. The right shipping partner can make the process more convenient by printing these forms for you and handling the screening.

International shipments use our tracking system, which is based on USPS® tracking numbers. Once packages are scanned into the system, all data can be monitored by the delivery service. Any USPS® tracking number can be tracked using our locate a package page.

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