Streamlining Shipping: SFG’s Success with OSM’s Solutions

OSM's employee working on a PC to streamline operations for SFG

Overview of SFG

SFG is a leading technology solutions company with a highly flexible and scalable order management system, FlexOMS,™ as well as integrated full-service operations, FlexOps.™ More than 250 national and international brands trust their business to FlexOMS + FlexOps. SFG offers proven technology solutions for the eCommerce, subscription, media and membership marketplace along with front-end web tool kits, customer database solutions and business intelligence services.

Seamless Domestic and International Shipping

SFG first partnered with OSM 12 years ago to help alleviate presorting and postage requirements on subscription box mailings of craft kits. Today, SFG uses OSM for domestic shipping, handling over 2.6 million parcels every year and for international shipping, processing approximately 50,000 pieces every month.

According to Carol Bald, postal operations manager at SFG, OSM provides multiple benefits as a shipping partner. “On the domestic front, the biggest advantages of working with OSM are lower postage costs and less paperwork,” Bald said.

Competing with the Major Carriers

With over 50 years of collective experience, OSM’s publication shipping solutions are quite competitive when compared to larger carriers.

“When we decided to switch to OSM for e-retail packages, some of our partners were concerned that OSM couldn’t match the fast delivery times of the FedEx services we were using at the time. After doing some tests and monitoring the results, we found that OSM’s delivery times were very comparable and in some cases even better than FedEx,” Bald said. “Not only are we seeing great delivery times, we have a very smooth schedule working now, where everything leaves the building every day and packages are delivered in a very timely manner.”

Benefits of Partnering with USPS

As a preferred partner of the USPS, OSM utilizes its exclusive OSM Premium Network® to ship packages quickly and affordably—delivering nationwide on an average of three days.

“For our subscription box partners, many of their mailing lists are too small to get a presorted rate. So by partnering with OSM, our customers can avoid paying first-class or priority mail
rates. They not only get affordable rates, but they also get the delivery details provided by the Postal Service. It’s the right combination of low rates and on-time deliveries,” Bald said.

Weathering the Storm with OSM 

When an ice storm hit the Midwest in February of 2021, SFG was forced to shut down for five days. OSM was able to ramp up their service to accommodate the lack of delivery trucks coming into the area.

“The next week when we opened back up, we had double shifts working and OSM helped us get two weeks of packages out in one week. They were really good about working with us to make sure we had the trucks we needed to get everything out and we did,” Bald said.

Customized Solutions and Exceptional Service

Because SFG services a wide variety of customers, who they call partners, they need a shipping provider that can respond to the needs of each individual partner. “OSM works closely with us to
understand the different business models and process flows of our customers,” Bald noted. “Each of our partners are different and OSM is able to provide solutions tailored to their needs. We often will have special one-off projects and OSM is always able to find something that works for us.”

OSM’s proven systems help eCommerce and logistics companies save on shipping expenses while gaining better control and flexibility over their supply chain. Contact us today to learn how OSM Worldwide’s flexible, data-driven shipping solutions can help companies like yours ship faster, more efficiently and at a lower total cost.

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