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Why Choose OSM for Subscription Box Shipping?

Subscription box fulfillment demands fast, reliable shipping, and the OSM Premium Network delivers every advantage you need. It provides access to the USPS ground network, delivering packages faster and more economically. Plus, with our OSMART technology platform, you’ll always have total insight into where your packages are on their journey to your customers.

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Our competitive parcel shipping rates and expert consultations can help you find your most efficient shipping option.

We partner with fulfillment companies to assist with operations and administration — and even help you streamline your operations.

Work with our experienced team to right-size your packaging, finding the best sizes and materials for your products.

We work hard to make pickup and delivery more convenient, offering label production, staged delivery and even multiple same-day pickups.

Tips for Success

Discover three ways subscription box companies can optimize their shipping subscription to improve customer retention.

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