8 Signs It’s Time to Reconsider Your Shipping Partner

Taking a fresh look at your shipping partner may enable you to offset this year’s rate increases. A true partner can help you navigate your entire shipping process, finding opportunities to improve efficiencies while reducing costs and improving satisfaction.

As rates go up and budgets are squeezed, you can’t afford to pay more for less. Evaluate whether you’re getting the very best from your shipping service. It may be time to find a new partner if these statements ring true.

1) Your current shipping service doesn’t make an effort to understand your specific requirements and develop customized solutions.

2) There are new technologies and delivery approaches you want to explore and you need a shipping partner that keeps pace with these developments.

3) You want more flexibility in terms of pricing and delivery times.

4) It’s time to scale up your operation and you’re seeking a service that already has the required systems and infrastructure in place.

5) You want to discuss packaging options that could lower costs and reduce damage, but your current shipping service doesn’t offer effective consulting.

6) Your invoices are confusing and difficult to reconcile.

7) Sometimes you are billed for unexpected surcharges or seasonal rate changes.

8) You have a shipping vendor when what you really need is a shipping partner.

Thinking about making a switch? Contact OSM to learn how we can help you mitigate rising rates, with expertise at every step of the international shipping and domestic shipping process.