Our pickup scans show when a label is created for your package, so you can start getting updates as soon as possible. This also lets us know your package is on its way to our warehouse for processing. There may be a slight lag between when the label is created and when we’ve processed it for departure — this is normal.

Last-mile delivery refers to the very last step of the delivery process when a parcel is moved from a transportation hub to its final destination—which is usually a personal residence. OSM partners with USPS for last-mile delivery on all domestic packages. By leveraging the extensive coverage of USPS, we help companies ship faster, more efficiently and at a lower total cost.

OSM partners with USPS for last-mile delivery, which typically takes 2-5 business days, depending on various factors.

Our tracking system is based on USPS tracking numbers – so those numbers are the same. Any USPS tracking number will work on our site, even if it wasn’t shipped by OSM. If you experience issues with your package, we recommend you contact the retailer where you made your purchase.

Please verify the tracking ID number from the retailer you purchased from. You should also verify the correct shipping partner through the retailer where you made your purchase.

OSM will be happy to update the delivery address for packages we haven’t yet processed. Unfortunately, packages are out of our hands after processing, so we can’t change the destination at that point. If your package has already been processed, we recommend waiting until the package reaches a USPS sorting facility. Then, you can contact USPS directly to update the address.

Usually, packages reach the nearest USPS Distribution Center after 2–3 business days. This gives USPS time to sort through all packages and ship them to the correct USPS facility for final delivery. There might be a slight delay in tracking updates while the transfer and sorting process is happening.

Tracking information can be delayed for a number of reasons. If your package is with USPS, contacting your local post office directly will be the best step. After we transfer your package to USPS, tracking updates are handled on their end.

OSM does not provide delivery services. Once a package leaves our facilities, USPS will make the final delivery to your mailbox in 2-5 days.

We understand how frustrating these delays can be! For clarification on your delivery, the best person to contact is the company you ordered from.

If your tracking information isn’t being updated in a timely manner, we recommend you reach out to the company you ordered from and inquire about shipping updates.

We’re sorry your delivery experience wasn’t what you hoped for! If your order was damaged, lost or incorrect, the best thing to do is reach out to the company you ordered from. They should be able to assist you with a new order or a full refund.

International deliveries can be complex, and sometimes there are residual costs that need to be handled at the very end. Reach out to your supporting international post office, and they can explain any dues and taxes that might be owed. If that doesn’t work, contact the company you ordered from — they should be happy to help you get your package.

A specific delivery estimate should show up in your tracking information as soon as we transfer your package from our processing facilities to USPS. Generally speaking, though, our packages usually arrive 2–5 business days after they leave our facilities.

One Stop Mailing LLC, doing business as OSM Worldwide, offers shipping parcels, business mail, publications, and advertising mail to domestic and international addresses.

Independent shipping companies that participate in the USPS Approved Shipping program can extend the reach of their shipping services to provide customers more choices and price options for their shipping needs.

If these FAQs did not answer your question, please contact us for more information regarding your package.
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