5 Ways to Take Control of Your Last Mile Logistics Strategy

Consumer expectations about speedy, on-time delivery are at an all-time high. A recent survey found that the amount of time consumers are willing to wait for an online order is just 4.5 days.[1]

That’s why last-mile delivery, that critical leg of a product’s journey to a customer’s doorstep, is so important to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Last mile logistics is one of the most critical parts of the supply chain. Largely because of the critical role it plays in meeting the needs of eCommerce customers, it accounts for a lion’s share—more than 50%–of total logistics costs.[2] As Amazon, Target and Walmart—three big players that have set the bar high for fast, efficient delivery—look for solutions to meet high consumer expectations while also remaining profitable,[3] you, too, can take advantage of new strategies and technologies that are available today.

Taking Control of the Last Mile

Ready to take control of your last-mile delivery strategy? Here are five ways you can meet those same challenges and compete successfully in this space:

  1. Update your customers frequently about the status of their shipments. Now, it’s possible to keep customers informed with real-time information about the current location of their packages and estimated delivery times—to build trust and engender greater brand loyalty.
  2. Bring your inventory closer to more customers. By adding warehouses and fulfillment centers in more cities—or turning your local stores into distribution centers—you can take a page from Amazon and lower shipping costs, while also ensuring that you’re meeting your delivery commitments.
  3. Optimize processes with data analytics. Leveraging real-time data analytics can provide the information and insights needed to plan ahead for demand, optimize routes, reduce costs, respond to changes in real time and increase efficiencies.
  4. Use GPS technology to provide customers with real-time tracking and order traceability. And, when it comes to perishable or more sensitive items, you can ensure end-to-end visibility for your customers even more by incorporating IoT sensors that can measure and transmit real-time data about the condition and location of their orders.
  5. Work with a smart logistics partner. It makes sense to work with a carrier that partners with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS), the industry’s leading last-mile delivery network. As an approved USPS Partner, OSM leverages the power of the USPS to lower your total cost. By combining our shipping expertise with the extensive coverage of the USPS, we’re able to deliver 98% of packages in two to five days—providing fast service with domestic shipping rates you’ll love. So, we can help you ship faster, more efficiently and at a lower total cost.

Work with us and get the best of both worlds—a data-driven approach to shipping, dedicated customer service and flexible shipping options—and the USPS heritage of reliability for last-mile delivery.

Want to find out more about how a shipping partner like OSM can help you get greater control of your last mile? Contact us to discuss your shipping needs and request a quote.

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