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Why Choose OSM for Publication Shipping?

When you need bound printed matter shipping that’s fast, cost-effective and reliable, OSM is in your corner. We give you access to the OSM Premium Network, partnering with USPS to enter published material at the furthest possible point in the shipping stream. With full tracking visibility from our OSMART technology platform, it’s a powerful and transparent way to ship BPM more efficiently.

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OSM began as a publication shipping company. It’s in our DNA, and we know what it takes to make your business succeed.

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We understand you’re facing tight margins, and we can work with you to find the best USPS BPM rates for your product.

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Our network is designed to expedite BPM transit times, reliably delivering 98 percent of packages within one to five business days.

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To improve efficiency, we can help you eliminate advanced sorting by taking the process in-house.

Tips for Success

Learn how a new approach to packaging can help publishers reduce their overall shipping costs.

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