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You know that USPS can deliver to any address in the U.S. without costing an arm and leg. Now what if you could do even better? OSM’s Premium Network offers special pickup, processing facilities, and routing that boost USPS delivery times and reliability and lower your rates. Plus, you get our dedicated customer service – something you won’t find with the post office.

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We know speed is important to your customers — so we deliver 98 percent of packages in 2–5 business days.

We offer domestic delivery six days a week, with no surcharge for Saturdays.

As a USPS partner, we use the industry’s leading last-mile delivery network to lower your total cost.

Our OSMART technology suite lets you track, trace and manage any shipment, 24/7.

Ship a Range of Package Types Domestically

Our clients represent a wide variety of industries with diverse product sizes, weights and packaging. That’s why we offer several convenient package options to choose from.

Domestic Parcels


Whether your parcels are large or small, our parcel shipping services can get them where they’re headed on time. We partner with USPS to provide quick, reliable shipping for standard parcels anywhere in the country. Add in our highly competitive shipping rates and personal customer service, and you’ll see why so many businesses choose OSM for domestic parcel shipping.

Min. weight 1 lb.
Max. weight35 lb.
DIM weight factor166 in.3/lb.
USPS parcel select lightweight

Lightweight Parcels

Why pay more for unnecessary weight? If your parcels weigh less than 16 ounces, you may be eligible for our lightweight shipping service. This is ideal for direct mail, pharmaceuticals, apparel and more. We can help your lightest and most important shipments reach their destination right on time with our expedited parcel domestic service.

Min. weight
Max. weight15.99 oz.
Dimensional surchargeApplied at or over 400 in. 3
Domestic marketing parcels

Marketing Parcels

Mail remains a powerful way to connect with your customers and encourage them to act. Our marketing parcel shipping service is ideal for samples and informational mailers. It’s designed for any mailed item meant to make recipients purchase, donate, take an action or form a belief. All marketing parcels must meet the relevant qualifications determined by USPS.

Must meet all USPS qualifications
Must include an addressing qualifier, such as “or current resident”
Domestic Bound Printed Matter (BPM)

Bound Printed Matter (BPM)

BPM includes many types of printed material: advertising, promotional, directory and/or editorial. It must be securely and permanently bound, and at least 90 percent of its contents must be imprinted rather than typewritten. A wide range of material falls under this heading, from books and catalogs to annual reports, directories and informational kits. If you frequently ship printed material, we can help you deliver it quickly, reliably and economically.

Min. weight
Max. weight15 lb.
DIM weight factor166 in.3/lb.



Domestic shipping services include shipping services within the United States and U.S. Territories including Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and military bases (APO/FPO/DPO). We offer domestic delivery six days a week, with no surcharge for Saturdays and our OSMART technology suite for premium package tracking and management.

OSM offers several convenient package shipping options to allow you to choose the solution that meets your business needs.

Domestic Shipping Service Options:

  • Priority Mail
  • Media Mail
  • USPS Ground Advantage

Domestic Package Types:

  • Parcels
  • Lightweight Parcels
  • Marketing Parcels
  • Bound Printed Matter (BPM)
  • Flats

Several factors influence domestic shipping rates. Shipping costs are determined by the weight, dimensions, shipping origin, shipping destination and delivery speed.

The price of shipping could be costing you customers. Many shoppers abandon their shopping carts over concerns about shipping costs. Read our tips on how your shipping service can reduce cart abandonment and increase your conversions.

Packages shipped domestically typically arrive at their destination within 2-5 business days.

Domestic shipments use our tracking system which is based on USPS® tracking numbers. Once packages are scanned into the system, all data can be monitored by the delivery service. Any USPS® tracking number can be tracked using our locate a package page.

OSM does not offer guaranteed delivery by a certain day. 

Last-mile delivery refers to the very last stage of the delivery process, with any carrier, when a parcel is moved from a transportation hub to its final destination—which is usually a personal residence. The OSM Premium Network® streamlines this process by handling package pick-up, weighing, and scanning. We then route packages to the most convenient USPS® processing center for tendering, transport and delivery. Entering deep into the mail stream, and using optimized routes, helps us ensure delivery between 2-5 business days.

For safety reasons, OSM Worldwide follows USPS® guidelines for shipping hazardous materials. All domestically shipped packages must follow the OSM guidelines for shipping hazardous or otherwise non-mailable materials. For a full list of prohibited and restricted items refer to the USPS® Hazardous Materials Guidelines.

As an approved consolidator for USPS®, OSM offers discounted rates that wouldn’t be available otherwise and helps with packaging sorting and pickups and extra services. Partnering with an approved consolidator allows you to integrate into the postal system, making it easier to calculate, document, and pay for parcel postage. We also streamline the shipping process to help speed the delivery of packages within the USPS network and provide personalized customer service to address any issues.

When shipping packages domestically, remember that size and weight determine the price. Overall, packages must not weigh more than 70 lbs. In most cases, packages may not be more than 108 inches in total length and girth. Refer to OSM guidelines or USPS® instructions for additional shipping information.

While insurance is not required for domestic shipping, the OSM Premium Network® offers a variety of USPS® add-on services including shipping insurance. Adding insurance provides detailed shipping records with proof of shipment, in-transit visibility and delivery notifications to ensure your items are delivered safely to the intended recipient.

USPS Ground Advantage service is an affordable and reliable way to send packages inside the U.S. This service is effective July 9, 2023 and replaces USPS Parcel Select Ground, USPS First-Class Package, and USPS Retail Ground services.

Yes, USPS Ground Advantage parcel shipping is available through OSM Worldwide at affordable rates.

Flats are often called “flat mail” or simply “large envelopes” and typically include advertisements, catalogs, questionnaires, welcome packets, etc.

The OSM Premium Network can deliver flats domestically within two to five business days.

When shipping flats domestically, packages must fall within certain dimensions. They’re small enough to fit through a sorting machine but too long in at least one direction to be classified as a letter. Refer to the USPS® instructions for additional shipping information.

Minimum of 6.125″ and a maximum of 12″
Minimum of 11.5″ and a maximum of 15″
Minimum of 0.25″ and a maximum of 0.75″
Minimum of 2 oz. and a maximum of 15.99 oz.

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