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You know that USPS can deliver to any address in the U.S. without costing an arm and leg. Now what if you could do even better? OSM’s Premium Network is special pickup, processing facilities, and routing that boost USPS delivery times and reliability and lower your rates. Plus, you get our dedicated customer service – something you won’t find with the post office.

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We know speed is important to your customers — so we deliver 98 percent of packages in 1–5 business days.

We offer domestic delivery six days a week, with no surcharge for Saturdays.

As a USPS partner, we use the industry’s leading last-mile delivery network to lower your total cost.

Our OSMART technology suite lets you track, trace and manage any shipment, 24/7.

Ship a Range of Package Types Domestically

Our clients represent a wide variety of industries with diverse product sizes, weights and packaging. That’s why we offer several convenient package options to choose from.

Domestic Parcels


Whether your parcels are large or small, our parcel shipping services can get them where they’re headed on time. We partner with USPS to provide quick, reliable shipping for standard parcels anywhere in the country. Add in our highly competitive first class shipping rates and personal customer service, and you’ll see why so many businesses choose OSM for domestic parcel shipping.

Min. weight 1 lb.
Max. weight70 lb.
DIM weight factor166 in.3/lb.
USPS parcel select lightweight

Lightweight Parcels

Why pay more for unnecessary weight? If your parcels weigh less than 16 ounces, you may be eligible for our ps lightweight shipping service. This is ideal for direct mail, pharmaceuticals, apparel and more. We can help your lightest and most important shipments reach their destination right on time with our expedited parcel domestic service.

Min. weight
Max. weight15.99 oz.
Dimensional surchargeApplied at or over 400 in. 3
Domestic marketing parcels

Marketing Parcels

Mail remains a powerful way to connect with your customers and encourage them to act. Our marketing parcel shipping service is ideal for samples and informational mailers. It’s designed for any mailed item meant to make recipients purchase, donate, take an action or form a belief. All marketing parcels must meet the relevant qualifications determined by USPS.

Must meet all USPS qualifications
Must include an addressing qualifier, such as “or current resident”
Domestic Bound Printed Matter (BPM)

Bound Printed Matter (BPM)

BPM includes many types of printed material: advertising, promotional, directory and/or editorial. It must be securely and permanently bound, and at least 90 percent of its contents must be imprinted rather than typewritten. A wide range of material falls under this heading, from books and catalogs to annual reports, directories and informational kits. If you frequently ship printed material, we can help you deliver it quickly, reliably and economically.

Min. weight
Max. weight15 lb.
DIM weight factor166 in.3/lb.
Flat Mail


Flats are also called “flat mail” or simply “large envelopes.” They’re too long in at least one direction to be classified as a letter. However, they’re small and flexible enough to fit through a sorting machine. Many common items can be classified as flats, including advertisements, catalogs, questionnaires, welcome packets and more. Through the OSM Premium Network, we can deliver flats domestically within two to five business days.

Minimum (must exceed one of these dimensions)Maximum
2 oz.15.99 oz.
First Class Domestic Shipping

First Class

If your package absolutely must arrive by a specific date, OSM’s first-class domestic expedited parcel shipping services can help make sure your needs are met. With affordable first class shipping rates, we can provide expedited parcel handling and transportation, matching delivery time to your deadlines. You and your customers can rest easy knowing that packages will arrive precisely when you need them to.

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