OSM and HydroJug: Service Helps Drive Growth

A person holding a HydroJug water bottle

Overview of HydroJug

In 2016, sibling entrepreneurs Hayden and Jake Wadsworth conceived of HydroJug while they were in college. The idea to create a better larger-size water bottle was inspired by trips to the gym, where they often saw people carrying repurposed milk jugs. Six years later, Good Housekeeping has rated HydroJug among the best water bottles. About one million of the company’s half-gallon water bottles and healthy lifestyle-enhancing accessories have been sold. The company ships roughly 3,000 pieces a day, requiring them to work with a 3PL partner that will grow with them. Enter OSM.

Solving the Shipping Cost Problem

Jake Wadsworth calls HydroJug’s four-year working relationship with OSM extremely important. “When a business is primarily direct-to-consumer,” he says, “keeping shipping costs down can make the difference between whether we are profitable from month to month.”

He credits OSM with delivering personalized customer service and innovative solutions to domestic shipping. Prior to OSM, Wadsworth had worked with another shipping carrier. “Our costs were just going up and up,” he says. “I was looking for alternatives. Shipping is one of our largest costs, so it must be reviewed frequently. Account managers from other companies act like it’s the end of the world when you bring up the need to contain costs. But working with OSM is easy. They have all our shipping data and offer logistics solutions. Switching to OSM was a no-brainer.”

Personal, Customized Solutions

When HydroJug first partnered with OSM, Jake Wadsworth was impressed with OSM’s expertise and initiative in learning about HydroJug’s processes.

Wadsworth knows he can count on OSM to anticipate situations that might hinder logistics, drive up costs and erode client confidence in HydroJug. “They keep us up to date,” he says. “For example, they monitor weather conditions regarding a specific shipment. They let us know ahead of time so we can alert our customers that they should expect a few extra days on their transit time.”

Consistent Service Builds Confidence

Wadsworth reports that when HydroJug worked with other companies, he dealt with, on average, two or three different account managers. “That’s tough,” he says, “because anytime there’s that hand-off, there are just going to be things that get missed. But I’ve had the same OSM rep the entire time, from the first sales call to today.” 

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