Harry’s and OSM’s Success in Domestic Shipping

A man shaving with Harry's products received through OSM

Overview of Harry’s

Harry’s is a New York-based company that manufactures and sells shaving equipment and men’s personal care products via online and retail channels. The company is known for their subscription service where customers receive new razor blades, shaving cream, body wash and other grooming products by mail.

Lowering Costs and Optimizing Efficiency

Since March of 2019, Harry’s has been working with OSM Worldwide to handle millions of domestic shipments and APO packages every year. According to Christine Pfleckl, vice president, global distribution & logistics at Harry’s, Inc., “The biggest advantages to working with OSM are network coverage and customer service.”

Advantages of USPS Partnership

As a certified USPS partner, OSM leverages the extensive coverage of the U.S. Postal Service to provide greater efficiency and accuracy at reduced shipping rates–delivering packages nationwide in one to five business days.

OSM utilizes its exclusive OSM Premium Network® to expedite delivery of the parcel directly to the optimal USPS center. “We’re able to leverage OSM’s volumes and USPS relationship to get closer to our customers. Ultimately, we’re able to provide a more seamless experience that is similar to their normal mail service,” Pfleckl said.

Stepping Up During COVID

As the global pandemic disrupted supply chains and impacted businesses around the world, OSM worked closely with Harry’s to keep deliveries on track.

“We had a huge disruption at one of our distribution centers that kitted and packed out a large percent of our volume. OSM actually worked with us to take on some of that work and create workarounds to get our packages out to customers without delays. Even though the solution was very manual and created extra work for their team, OSM worked with us to get it done,” Pfleckl said.

Exceptional Service and Customized Solutions

With over 50 years of collective experience, OSM is committed to providing tailored services and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of their customers.

“OSM looks at their customer’s business like their own,” Pfleckl said. “They work closely with us to understand our individual needs and propose solutions that are specific to our customers. From all levels of the organization, OSM has been a great partner. Everyone is willing to go the extra mile.”

With more customers than ever shopping online, your business needs a trusted eCommerce shipping partner for fast, reliable shipping. Contact us today to learn how OSM Worldwide’s flexible, data-driven shipping solutions can help companies like yours ship faster, more efficiently and at a lower total cost.

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