By Partnering with OSM Worldwide, QuickBox Exceeds Customer Expectations

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What We Achieved:

As the 3PL partner for QuickBox, we were able to have a strong impact on their fulfillment capabilities.

    •    Reduction in transit time and shipping costs
    •    Seamless management of higher-than-forecasted peak volumes
    •    Increased reliability and consistency in delivery

Overview of QuickBox Fulfillment

Founded in 2009, QuickBox Fulfillment is a fast-growing third-party logistics (3PL) provider, offering a broad range of services to clients, including order fulfillment, packaging, and shipping. The Denver-based company serves several sectors within the consumer-packaged goods industry, such as health and wellness, beauty and cosmetics, pet care, apparel, and consumer electronics.

QuickBox works with brands that sell directly to consumers, big box retailers, or both, as well as Amazon, eBay, and other online marketplaces. The company uses advanced 3PL technology and operates seven days a week to deliver seamless fulfillment to consumer businesses and brands.

Competition and Growth Create Demand for Carrier Diversification

The 3PL industry is highly competitive, which often leads to intense competition for clients. While QuickBox offers innovative solutions, superior customer service, and efficient logistics operations, clients’ needs are always changing. The company decided to provide more options, recently adding warehouse locations in New Jersey, Atlanta, and Los Angeles to meet their expectations.

QuickBox’s rapid growth allowed the company to take a fresh look at how it could better serve clients. One of the biggest fulfillment costs for any brand is shipping, especially with today’s consumer expecting timely and reliable delivery of their packages. Navigating these demands with rising shipping costs can be challenging for businesses of all sizes.

Since it was founded, QuickBox had primarily relied on one shipper to deliver clients’ packages to their final destinations. But with growth came greater customer expectations for high-accuracy order fulfillment and on-time, cost-effective delivery. It was time to look for third-party logistics partners.

OSM and QuickBox Fulfillment Partnership

QuickBox looked for a shipping partner that could provide reliable, consistent service and grow its business.

In 2021, QuickBox entered into a domestic parcel shipping service agreement with OSM Worldwide for end-to-end ground transportation, including pickup seven days a week. The relationship includes last-mile delivery through the U.S. Post Office—OSM is a certified partner of the USPS—leveraging its national coverage to provide greater efficiency and accuracy at reduced shipping rates.

QuickBox also takes advantage of OSM’s OSMART technology suite to track, trace, and manage any shipment on demand. OSMART facilitates greater transparency and communication between partners. It also gives customers the business intelligence to identify red flags along the supply chain and accelerate real-time decision-making.

What stands out to QuickBox’s operations team is the white-glove service OSM provides. OSM team members notice the small details that make a difference in shipping, such as crooked or misprinted labels. If a package is damaged in transport, OSM will send photos to QuickBox to help them manage expectations with their clients.

“There’s a high level of communication between OSM and QuickBox to help us improve our operations,” said Brennen McMullin, chief financial officer at QuickBox.

Faster Transit Speeds and More Reliable Service

Since launching with one client in Denver, QuickBox’s shipments with OSM have grown—doubling in run rate year over year. In November 2023, QuickBox had the biggest demand in its history, and OSM managed the capacity seamlessly. The peak was 50% greater than QuickBox had forecasted.

“OSM still took care of us,” McMullin said. “We don’t feel limited by our carrier when it comes to our ability and room to grow.”

One of the most important metrics in the shipping business is time in transit. OSM has shortened QuickBox’s average time in transit by one full day.

OSM has improved QuickBox’s transit speed in a few ways. It uses its exclusive OSM Premium Network to expedite parcel delivery directly to the optimal USPS center. OSM also moves volumes from QuickBox’s Denver warehouse in two directions daily: east to its Chicago terminal and west to its Las Vegas terminal to get packages closer to their ultimate destinations.

McMullin praised OSM’s consistent and reliable performance, citing fewer outliers in transit time and lost or damaged packages in the supply chain. And OSM has done all of this while decreasing QuickBox’s shipping costs.

“Personalized service reflects OSM’s disciplined operations,” McMullin said. “OSM’s terminals run efficiently and set customers up for success.”

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