How the Shipping Experience Forges Brand Loyalty

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Every eCommerce business covets customer loyalty. It not only entails repeat purchases, but it also encourages positive reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. One major way that you can make your customers happy and build loyalty for your brand is through optimizing your shipping and delivery strategy. Here are some tips to consider:

Keep Customers Updated on Orders

By providing customers with clearly outlined delivery date estimates and an easy way to find real-time tracking information, you’ll boost customer satisfaction while reducing cart abandonment and support emails. Give your customers the security in knowing when their order should come and the tools they need to track their order every step of the way.

Be Transparent About Shipping Costs

Transparency is crucial when it comes to shipping costs. After all, the number one cause of cart abandonment is unexpected shipping costs at checkout. By being upfront as early in the checkout process as possible with how much shipping will cost for each specific customer is a great way to manage expectations and cut down on cart abandonment. When customers see that you’re not trying to hide fees from them, they’ll trust your brand more.

Provide a Range of Shipping Options

Some customers want to receive their items as soon as possible and are willing to spend more money for fast delivery. Other customers would rather save money and wait a little longer for their delivery, but still want a quality shipping service. The more you can adapt to the wishes of each customer, the more satisfying and enjoyable their shipping experience will be.

Consider a Subscription Service

If you sell products that need to be renewed on a relatively frequent basis, then customers will immensely appreciate you giving them a subscription option. Not only does this take the load off of customers having to remember to re-order products, but it also gives you the opportunity to assert special treatment through subscription benefits. If you advertise that your product now has a subscription option, and that it comes with benefits like free shipping or faster delivery, your customers will be more willing to rely on you as their go-to store for that product.

Make Returns Simple and Stress-Free

If customers find that your returns policy is over-complicated, filled with legal jargon and simply not straightforward enough for them to understand quickly and easily, they may jump to the conclusion that you’re purposefully making returns harder for them. This makes a massive difference in customer perception of your brand, so you need to emphasize that you care about customers even after they’ve made their purchase by writing your returns policy in a helpful and honest way.

Seamless shipping is critical for eCommerce success. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a shipping partner you can trust. With a variety of flexible shipping options, high rates of on-time delivery, and door-to-door tracking, OSM Worldwide has everything you need to ensure your customers’ packages arrive quickly and reliably.

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