Quiz: Which International Shipping Option Is Right for You?

International orders are a major source of potential revenue for ecommerce businesses, but the international shipping landscape can be a difficult one to navigate. Multiple shipping options are available for different package types and destination countries, and choosing the wrong option could result in a less-than-ideal experience for your customers.

If you’re not sure which international shipping option to choose, this quiz is here to help. Just answer five quick questions about your packages, and you’ll see which international shipping option might best serve your customers’ needs.

Let’s Find Your Ideal International Shipping Option…

  1. How important is it that you choose the lowest-cost international shipping option available?
    1. Very important: I’m under strong cost pressures.
    2. Somewhat important: I don’t want to overpay, but I don’t necessarily need the single least expensive option.
    3. Not that important: I’m willing to pay a little more for the level of service my customers need.
  2. What is the estimated value of your packages?
    1. Not that valuable: nothing a customer would insure.
    2. Somewhat valuable: not more than a couple hundred dollars.
    3. Very valuable: losing sight of this package could cause serious problems.
  3. How heavy are your packages?
    1. Light: five pounds or less.
    2. Mixed: there’s some variation from order to order, but nothing too large.
    3. Heavy: up to 66 pounds.
  4. Are duties and taxes a major concern for your customers?
    1. No: taxes and duties usually aren’t expensive for my packages.
    2. Somewhat: they’re a slight concern, but are usually negligible.
    3. Yes: I want to avoid having customers paying international duties and taxes at all costs.
  5. Where do you usually deliver packages?
    1. Most of my shipments are domestic, but I occasionally ship to countries like the UK or Canada.
    2. I usually ship international packages to the same handful of countries, all of which have a strong postal infrastructure.
    3. I often ship packages all over the world.

How Did You Score?

Mostly A’s: Global Priority ePacket Shipping

Because your packages tend to be small, lightweight and relatively low-value, the fastest and least expensive shipping option will probably be your best bet. Global Priority ePacket shipping can reach 30 countries around the world and offers delivery confirmation for each package. It’s ideal for delivering lightweight merchandise quickly and for a low total cost.

Mostly B’s: Global Priority Shipping

You generally ship middle-of-the-road packages: nothing too large, too valuable, or that needs expedited delivery. For packages like these, Global Priority shipping provides a fast, reliable, competitive international shipping option. Global Priority airmails packages through USPS, then handles them as priority mail in their destination country to keep rates low. Delivery confirmation is not available for this option.

Mostly C’s: Global Priority Parcel Shipping

For your packages, failed delivery is not an option. Large, high-value packages require total door-to-door visibility in order to avoid expensive losses. With Global Priority Parcel shipping, your customers will receive full tracking on packages up to 66 pounds, with a Delivery Duty Paid option so you can handle duties and taxes upfront. For extremely time-sensitive orders, you can also upgrade to Global Priority Express shipping for delivery in as few as two days.

Whatever your international shipping needs, the experts at OSM Worldwide can help you find the ideal solution for your packages and your customers. Contact us today to learn more about our international shipping services or to request a quote.