Our Process

At OSM Worldwide, we identify shipping solutions that save our clients time and money. We offer package shipping and residential parcel deliveries to millions of addresses around the world. 

The OSM Distribution Network

Our exclusive OSM Premium Network allows us to enter domestic parcels deep into the mail stream, near the final business or residential shipping destination. This results in greater reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness for shipping to addresses across the U.S. As a parcel, mail, or package shipper, you'll see significant discounts and achieve greater delivery performance with our expedited shipping. And, your domestic residential or business shipping customers can receive their packages or parcels in just 1-5 days – even on Saturdays!  No other U.S. shipping company offers this service. 

OSM Premium Network infographic

OSMART offers OSM clients a superior level of control at every stage of the corporate package shipping process. In addition, OSMART allows corporate shipping clients to manage cost centers and charge-backs, as well as produce USPS labels in-house.


The OSM Premium Network

Step 1: Pickup

OSM picks up packages at a customer facility and transports them to one of OSM's processing centers.

Step 2: Package Routing

Packages are weighed, scanned, sorted, and transported to one of the 150 USPS automated parcel processing centers. The OSM Premium Network results in fewer missorts, faster shipping, and lower prices.

Step 3: Tendered at USPS

OSM strategically tenders packages within the USPS Priority Network for expeditious transport and processing.

Step 4: Delivery

Once packages reach USPS automated facilities, domestic packages are delivered within 24 hours. OSM offers nationwide shipping in 1-5 business days, and customers can track packages every step of the way with OSMART Technology.

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