Domestic Shipping

Domestic Package Shipping with OSM Worldwide

OSM Worldwide offers fast and reliable domestic package shipping solutions. We help major corporations, ecommerce businesses, fulfillment houses, publishers, and many other industries to reduce their domestic shipping costs, improve delivery speed and ultimately the quality of customer service they provide.


The OSM Premium Network

At the forefront of our domestic shipping process is the unique partnership we have built with the United States Postal Service. Our dedicated team will pick up your packages, scan, sort, and choose the most efficient route, then tender them deep into the postal system for delivery. This unique relationship has created one of the most reliable and efficient delivery systems in the world.


Premium Service at a Reduced Cost

We leverage our USPS Partnership to provide our customers with unrivaled and cost effective domestic package shipping solutions. Unlike many carriers, with OSM there is no extra cost for Saturday delivery, and no added surcharges for rural deliveries. Shipping with OSM Worldwide allows you to pay standard rates for premium service and 1-5 day delivery.


OSMART Tracking Technology

All of our customers have the added advantage of utilizing our OSMART technology to improve their shipping operations. This integrated cloud-based solution helps companies reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve customer service with door-to-door tracking. 

More Shipping Solutions

Parcel Shipping

Our efficient process and cutting-edge technology can save you on shipping costs and ensure a consistent 1-5 day delivery time frame. 

Bound Printed Matter

For books, annual reports, catalogs, etc. OSM Worldwide can help make the process of shipping to domestic addresses across the nation stress-free and economical.


For wrapped, unwrapped, sleeved, or enveloped flats, OSM's affordable services and knowledgeable domestic shipping experts can offer your company a level of service quality that is largely unavailable from other business mail services.