Faster Delivery: OceanX’s Success with OSM’s Flexible Fulfillment

A person opening a box of OceanX wellness products received through OSM

Overview of OceanX

OceanX leverages over 30 years of experience and expertise in handling fulfillment operations for industry-leading beauty and health brands. OceanX successfully partners with these brands to scale fulfillment with a modern fulfillment solution and real-time business intelligence platform.

OceanX enables brands to rapidly scale fulfillment operations to meet customer demands without sacrificing service level agreements. With tech-infused fulfillment services and strategically located warehouses, OceanX empowers brands to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

A Focus on Flexibility

Since September of 2020, OceanX has been working with OSM Worldwide to handle approximately 450,000 domestic shipping packages every month. According to Shawn Compton, VP of Fulfillment Logistics at OceanX, “The biggest advantage to working with OSM is flexibility.”

“OSM is very nimble and willing to adapt to meet the needs of our business. They are always quick to respond, quick to change and quick to service our specific needs.”

OSM’s strategic locations throughout the U.S. also provide a major advantage to OceanX. “OSM’s domestic footprint pairs nicely with our distribution centers,” Compton said. “By matching the proximity of OSM’s hubs to our distribution network, we can get inducted quickly, then easily hand off to USPS for final delivery.”

Navigating the Pandemic Peak Season

While many carriers struggled to meet the increased demand for eCommerce shipping due to COVID-19, OSM was able to provide fast, reliable service when OceanX needed it most.

“During last year’s Q4 peak season, other prevalent carriers were throttling volume and adding unexpected surcharges. Not only was OSM able to get us up and operational in 30 days, they were able to accommodate any emergency volume peaks throughout Q4, which was extremely advantageous to OceanX,” said Compton.

“The fact that OSM was able and willing to implement their services in such a short timeframe was truly impressive, especially during such a turbulent peak season in the midst of the pandemic.”

Advantages of USPS Partnership

As a certified USPS partner, OSM leverages the extensive coverage of the U.S. Postal Service to provide greater efficiency and accuracy at reduced shipping rates – shipping wellness and beauty packages nationwide in one to five business days.

OSM utilizes its exclusive OSM Premium Network® to expedite delivery of the parcel directly to the optimal USPS center. Once the USPS has the package, it is delivered to a residential address within 24 hours. “This efficiency means there are less touches on the in-route package, resulting in fewer miss-sorts and less risk of package damage,” Compton said.

Intelligent Insights from OSMART

Being a service provider to multiple customers, OceanX leverages a wealth of data and reporting derived from OSM’s OSMART tracking portal. “OSMART allows us to download reports and calculate time in transit and other valuable metrics, which we can share on a client-by-client basis. Having availability to all of that data to create our own reporting is very beneficial,” Compton noted.

For eCommerce companies and fulfillment operations, having a trusted shipping partner is more important that ever. Contact us today to learn how OSM Worldwide’s flexible, data-driven
shipping solutions can help companies like yours ship faster, more efficiently and at a lower total cost.

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