OSM and Dr. Squatch: Winning in Health and Beauty eCommerce

A person using a Dr. Squatch grooming product received through OSM

Overview of Dr. Squatch

Founded in 2012, Dr. Squatch sells premium, men’s all-natural personal care products such as bar soap, deodorant and hair care in the competitive health and beauty market.

The company’s logo— a pipe-smoking tie-wearing Sasquatch—defines the company’s culture. In fact, funny viral videos, along with a pure, high quality product, helped build Dr. Squatch into a $100 million subscription company. A recent humorous Superbowl ad helped drive brand awareness and growth even further. While the company’s tone is light, the mission is serious: help educate men who might not consider natural products to adopt a healthier, toxic-free personal care routine.

Reliable Subscriptions = Consistent Conversion

As a growing subscription company, timely delivery is critical to Dr. Squatch’s ability to convert one-time customers into subscribers (and increase recurring revenue). This is where OSM’s Premium Network® comes in. Leveraging their USPS partership for greater affordability and speed, plays a crucial role in their subscription box shipping service.

“OSM improved our time to transit, which elevated our subscription experience,” says Andrew Sutton, Dr. Squatch director of fulfillment. “They will consult with us to identify the routes that ensure fastest delivery. We can hone in on certain regions and route packages through our 3PL on an OSM truck for direct injection into a region via zone skipping. Orders going to the Southeast are a great example. Instead of taking a full day for processing at a local Midwest facility with another domestic provider, they’re being line hauled directly to OSM’s Atlanta hub to shave 1+ days off delivery.”

The OSMART™ Tracking System and 1-5-day delivery window keep Dr. Squatch’s customers from needing to run out to the store around the corner.

“With health and beauty eCommerce, the product must reliably be in the mailbox on time,” says Sutton. “With OSM, we can send customers an email saying the subscription has been renewed.
The next day they get a tracking number and then three to four days later they have a package. Without OSM, it would take two to three days longer.”

Rates and Service Drive Growth

Great service, lower rates and a personal approach have been essential for Dr. Squatch as they manage strong growth with a lean staff. A big part of their experience? The OSM Sales Team.

“The sales reps are really responsive and just nice guys to interact with,” says Sutton. “But what I appreciate is the transparency—none of the used car salesman stuff we get from other carriers. It’s black and white. They said, ‘these are the numbers. These are the targets.’ And they came in with very aggressive rates that really helped our financials.”

Sutton believes many logistics providers do the bare minimum to keep business. But with OSM, he feels a more personal touch, “I would not be surprised if our rep hopped in a truck and delivered things himself, if need be.”

Keeping it Clean

You can’t base your brand on purity and deliver a dirty or scuffed product. According to Sutton, one challenge that’s unique to a natural health and personal care products company is preventing cross contamination—retaining purity from manufacturing to wellness and beauty shipping.

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