OSMART Technology

Managing shipments is critical to the success of your business. That's why we created OSMART, OSM Worldwide’s exclusive and proprietary suite of web-based technologies. It gives you the power to save on costs, simplify your operations and improve customer service.

OSMART can integrate closely with your own shipping technology to offer a level of control you never thought possible. Powerful yet easy to use, OSMART can help you:

Manage cost centers and chargebacks.

Gain greater control over your shipping budget and track where your postage dollars are being spent.

Gain access to a full range of discounted USPS shipping services.

Our unique partnerships save you more on each service than you could on your own.

Track packages on your site, the OSM site, or the USPS site.

Give your customers the satisfaction in knowing where their packages are at any given moment.

Sync directly with eBay® and Amazon.com platforms.

Easy integration streamlines your business processes and saves you time.

Produce USPS delivery confirmation labels in-house.

The convenience of printing labels on demand saves you time and effort.

Improve shipping accuracy with CASS Certified™ and NCOALink® processing services.

So you can rest easy knowing the address information you have is correct.

Experience the power and control of OSMART today. Contact OSM Worldwide for a free demonstration.