Zone Skipping

What is Zone Skipping?

Zone Skipping (often called zone jumping) is a term in logistics that describes when a shipper consolidates many packages and delays transporting them until the volume reaches a full truckload. The packages are then delivered to a parcel carrier for final delivery.

Our Packages Never Sit Still

If you are looking to save on shipping costs by utilizing "zone skipping," we have the best solution. OSM Worldwide will never hold your packages.  Our exclusive OSM Premium Network ensures fast and reliable domestic shipping with 1-5 day residential delivery. Fast delivery with affordable rates make our OSM Premium Network one-of-kind in the industry.


Our OSMART technology gives you the ability to schedule pick-ups and obtain immediate tracking information for all shipments. The web-based OSMART system also allows you to create customizable reports that meet your business needs.

Single Barcodes

Your customers will enjoy the simplicity of having just one barcode which allows them to send trigger email communications and obtain door-to-door tracking information.