Sustainability Initiatives

Because we strive to deliver your shipments using the most efficient methods available, we naturally understand the goals and ideals of the conservation and environmental movement. After all, greater efficiency means a smaller footprint. To that end, we never stop seeking ways to offer sustainable shipping solutions and lessen the environmental impact of our mail and shipping services.

Here are some specific ways OSM Worldwide is environmentally friendly:

  • 100% of our reporting is electronic
  • 95% electronic billing
  • 80% of our customers utilize electronic bills of ladings (eBOL’s)
  • ACH payment method eliminates the use of checks
  • Electronic dispatch verification
  • OSMART technology coupled with a barcode-driven system nearly eliminates paper while allowing customers to maintain control over accounts and mail/shipping chain
  • Our shipping solutions reduce your carbon footprint by utilizing the USPS, which is already enroute to a residence, so there's no special truck sent for a delivery
  • We recycle all gaylord boxes, saving tons of unnecessary landfill waste
  • We adjust routes daily for optimal fuel efficiency

We applaud and support our customer’s efforts to make changes too. Get more ideas for green shipping at

We started this business because we saw a need in the market for a shipping company who not only gets the packages from A-to-B economically, but also gives the client a sense of security in knowing that their packages are cared for and delivered on time. We achieved this goal and continue to change the competitive landscape of the shipping industry by going above and beyond customer expectations.
- James Kelley, CEO
I am so proud of the OSM team and the amazing shipping solutions we provide our clients. Because of the OSM's dedication to client satisfaction, we've shown many companies how they can save on shipping without sacrificing customer service. It's extremely satisfying to help other businesses be more successful and profitable.
- Gaston Curk, CEO
When we started using OSM it was the most seamless integration we’ve experienced in the last 10 years.
- Gail Orman, Distribution Center Manager at United Methodist Publishing House
As a mass mailer we require a seamless process to expedite our International Mail, OSM has been doing it flawlessly for years. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to save money and focus on building their business.
- Darryl Jackson, Vice President at Zip Mailing
I highly recommend OSM Worldwide if you're looking to cut costs and increase efficiency for your business operations. OSM Worldwide's commitment to excellent customer service saves our staff valuable time and the hospital a substantial amount of money.
- Carl Clemmons, Mailroom Manager at the Northwest Community Hospital