Industry Recognition and the Award-winning OSM Premium Network

We are excited to announce that OSM Worldwide was recognized by the United States Postal Service (USPS) at the 2013 National Postal Forum trade show and exhibit in San Francisco. OSM Worldwide was acknowledged for our "support of the success of mail and its commitment to a successful business relationship." The recognition was given to us for our OSM Premium Network – a unique network we developed with the USPS to speed packages and parcels to their destinations with as few "stops" in the process as possible. The OSM Premium Network expedites package delivery to anywhere in the contiguous United States. For our clients, this means they're able to consistently meet 2 to 5 day delivery timeframes nationwide. The USPS honored our company with its Mail Solutions Award – something we'll treasure for many years to come, just like our partnership with the USPS. OSM is one of the few shipping services in the nation that handles all classes of mail, packages, and parcels. Since our founding in 2003, our company has worked closely with the USPS and other carriers to develop business solutions, implement best practices, and improve efficiency and results. But this isn't something we set out to do in order to win awards and garner industry recognition. We did it to provide customers with a mail product that delivered value – a national delivery network that provided consistent service and was cost-effective to use. We believe the greatest achievement in business is to find ways to improve the industry for all members. At every stage of our growth, we've endeavored to fine-tune our operations, and think about the innovations needed to create a best-in-class shipping product. In the shipping industry, the ultimate goal is to ship packages and parcels to with reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness. In developing the award-winning OSM Premium Network, we took a hard look at all the pieces and made the connections necessary to reach these goals better than ever before. With the OSM Premium Network, the end result is one in which originating shippers can send packages and parcels to their destinations in 2 to 5 days versus as much as 10 days. In the years to come, we look forward to continue our partnership with the United States Postal Service. We also hope to continue to see new, innovative thinking in our industry that helps to set the bar even higher.