Why Choose OSM For Your Health and Beauty Shipping?

Does your volume vary – sometimes flooding in, other times just a trickle? We get it. While many carriers won’t work with the varying or smaller volumes of a growing health and beauty business, OSM is here to help. We use our Premium Network and partnership with the USPS to give you lower rates and a reliable 2-5-day delivery window. And we never hold volumes, so products will always arrive as clean and fresh as possible – which can matter a lot to customers in your market.

You can offer customers consistent, reliable delivery within 2-5 days. Our competitors have a much wider range.

We leverage the USPO’s ground footprint, but with better rates, speed, and service—especially for 1 lb and under.

Expertise with the subscriptions, small parcels and varying or smaller volume common in health and beauty shipping.

Customized solutions and full visibility and tracking from our OSMART platform help you provide excellent customer service.

Reliable Subscription Delivery With a Personal Touch

Read our case study to learn how OSM’s route optimization ensures consistent subscription delivery for health and beauty businesses with varying volumes.

“OSM is probably the biggest, most unexpected blessing that we’ve had on the fulfillment side” – Dr. Squatch
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