The tracking shows the mail piece was delivered, but I have not received it. What should I do? VIEW ANSWER

Either the package was delivered to the wrong location, or was picked up by someone else. Contact your local Post Office or the original sender to discuss the matter.

What if the mail piece was damaged or the address is incorrect? VIEW ANSWER

Contact the company you purchased the item from. Return policies vary with every company.

I received a yellow slip from the Post Office, what should I do? VIEW ANSWER

Go to the Post Office to pick-up your package or call the number on the slip to arrange delivery.

How many attempts will the Post Office make before my package is returned? VIEW ANSWER


What if my tracking information is unavailable? VIEW ANSWER

OSM Worldwide requires 24 hours after the package has been shipped before tracking is available. If the tracking information is still unavailable after 48 hours please contact the company you purchased your item from.

Is there a customer service number or link I can use if I have questions or concerns. VIEW ANSWER

Yes, upon entering your tracking number a link will appear which will direct you to customer service.

What number do I use to track my mail piece? VIEW ANSWER

You can use the package ID, or Delivery Confirmation number.

When will I receive my package? VIEW ANSWER

OSM Worldwide works with the finest logistics companies and the USPS to deliver packages within 3 to 5 business days on average.

Who is delivering my package? VIEW ANSWER

Your local post office will make the final delivery of your package.

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