Shipping experience as a growth driver: Dr. Squatch partners with OSM Worldwide for global expansion

Shipping experience has become a critical factor for eCommerce businesses in driving growth and customer satisfaction, and Dr. Squatch is no exception. The men’s grooming brand has partnered with OSM Worldwide, a shipping and fulfillment solutions provider, to enhance its shipping experience and expand globally.

By utilizing OSM’s Premium Network, Dr. Squatch has been able to tap into the USPS infrastructure, enabling its subscribers to receive their orders quickly and affordably. This partnership has resulted in significant time-in-transit and shipping cost savings, with 2022 transit times tracking 22% faster than in 2021 and 42% faster than in 2020, while shipping costs have remained only slightly above 2019 levels. As a result, Dr. Squatch has maintained customer satisfaction and protected its margins even during a time of rising costs in almost every aspect of its business.

Learn more about how the Dr. Squatch partnership with OSM Worldwide improved customer satisfaction and protected margins to drive growth.

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