How Your Shipping Partner Can Enhance Your Reputation

Your customers are asking a lot from you. They expect the products they buy to perform as promised. They insist on getting good value. And they require that their purchases be delivered on time and in good condition.

Your company’s reputation depends of fulfilling all of these expectations. When it comes to shipping, a dependable and flexible shipping partner can actually enhance your standing with customers.

To select a international shipping and domestic shipping partner that will truly add value to your reputation, you should demand:


A promise made should be a promise kept.

Late deliveries will upset your customers. Furthermore, a damaged package is sure to disappoint. A shipping partner should have the processes and infrastructure needed to ensure reliable delivery. They will also be eager to consult on packaging that will mitigate the risk of damage.


Shipping costs matter.

Some customers have come to believe that shipping should be free, but for most companies this is simply not an option. However, working closely with you, a shipping partner can find ways of keeping your costs low.

Besides relying on the latest technology and software to increase efficiencies, a responsible partner will make cost-saving suggestions. These recommendations could include using smaller or lighter packaging to decrease shipping rates. To further reduce costs, your shipper can negotiate special rates for final-mile delivery if they are an approved United States Postal Service (USPS) Partner.

By passing these savings along to your customers, you will keep your shipping costs competitive—and customers happy.


Customers like choices.

Your status as a service-oriented company will be greatly increased if you anticipate the desires of your customers. A well-designed shopping cart offering a range of delivery times and rates, will show the world how accommodating and flexible you can be. Because they are experts in this area, your shipping partner can be invaluable when it comes to exploring these options.


Don’t let your success become your customers’ problem.

As your business grows, you need a shipping partner that will grow with you. Increased business is no excuse for delivery troubles. Careful planning before the extra capacity is needed will keep your products moving—and your customers satisfied.


Shipping should be the least of your worries.

When you have a shipping service you trust, you’re free to concentrate on your core business. A steadfast partner will stand beside you at every step, providing advice and looking out for your best interest. They will be available to answer questions, solve problems and, in short, help you build and maintain a strong, positive reputation.

If you would like to discuss these, or any other, shipping issues, just let us know. We’re eager to help.