How the Right Shipping Partner Can Help Grow Your Business

How much does your shipping partner actually affect your company’s growth? At first glance, it might seem like their impact is negligible at best, but this is not the case. Especially for medium-sized businesses looking to accelerate growth, an effective shipping partner can be the factor that leads to new levels of success.

Essentially, ecommerce business growth consists of three elements: increase sales, lower overhead costs and retain existing customers. Believe it or not, your shipping partner can help you achieve all of these elements. Here’s how.

Increase Sales

Before a customer will make a purchase from your company, they want to know what kind of experience they can expect — which means they will likely examine your online reviews. If your reviews are full of complaints about delayed or mishandled deliveries, a strong percentage of those prospective customers may choose to buy from someone else.

To make sure a poor delivery experience doesn’t lead to lost business, take a close look at what your current partner is able to provide. Pay special attention to their average shipping windows and on-time delivery percentages, especially in the regions and countries where you do the most business. These figures should be in line with what you’re already promising your customers.

Reduce Costs

Of course, business growth isn’t just about how many sales you make. Each time you lower your overhead costs, your bottom line can feel the benefit. Offering competitive rates is one way your shipping partner can help, and this aspect shouldn’t be ignored. However, a true partner will go above and beyond this.

For example, your shipping partner can also help reduce your customer service costs. The more calls from disappointed customers your team has to field, the higher your labor costs — and these calls are often directly connected to delivery. OSM Worldwide research reveals that 32% of customers will contact customer service if their package is just one day late, and that number rises to 79% after three days. If your shipping partner keeps package delays to the bare minimum, you can keep your customers happier and your costs down.

Additionally, a good shipping partner will help you right-size your packaging—which can reduce transit, storage and fuel costs while giving your customers a better experience.

Retain Customers

While attracting new customers and reducing costs are both major goals, you also can’t afford to alienate the loyal customers you already have. Fortunately, there are a number of ways your shipping partner can enhance your reputation and help you keep customers coming back.

Today’s customers want to know where their package is at all times, whether it’s their first order from you or their fifteenth. Your shipping partner should provide 24/7 tracking information and total visibility for your customers, so a minor frustration doesn’t cost you a future sale.

Additionally, a damaged package can dissuade a customer from making a repeat purchase, even if they were otherwise thrilled with the product. Choosing a shipping partner with a low incidence of damaged orders, as well as a reliable last-mile delivery process, can help more packages arrive safe and sound at your shoppers’ doorsteps.

Does Your Shipping Partner Stack Up?

An ideal shipping partner can help in all these areas, leading to the business growth you’ve been dreaming of. However, not all shipping partners are equally equipped to make this happen.

Wondering if your partner hits the mark? Use this checklist to see whether your current shipping partner has what it takes to support your growth. Or, learn more about OSM Worldwide’s growth-focused shipping solutions for ecommerce companies, and contact us today with any questions.