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OSM Worldwide is proud to announce our marketing partnership with WBBM Newsradio and the Chicago Bears Radio Network. 

If you think that shipping costs are weighing down your operational costs now, brace yourself for 2015. That’s when FedEx and UPS plan to calculate freight charges based on dimensional (DIM) weight on all ground shipments. Compare this to the current methods of calculating pricing on the weight of the package for most ground shipments of smaller parcels, typically less than three cubic feet. (Air services have been using dimensional weight pricing for packages of all sizes).

Omni-channel is a popular term right now, but what does "omni-channel" really mean for the average retailer?

It's no secret that ecommerce is changing the way we shop, but it's also changing the way we ship. Even as the volume of traditional paper mail continues to drop, package and parcel shipping numbers are steadily on the rise as more and more people do their shopping online. This rise in ecommerce means a commensurate rise in the number of packages being shipped from retailers and fulfillment centers all over the country, as retailers search for package delivery solutions to keep up with the growing demand.

The Commercial ePacket Service is the ideal solution for economical shipping of lightweight commerce. It's fully trackable, with delivery confirmation and tracking performed right on the website, and provides free returns on undeliverable items. And it's one of the easiest ways to ship merchandise overseas.


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Providing fast, reliable shipping solutions to ecommerce companies continues to propel OSM Worldwide’s growth

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Glendale Heights, IL  – OSM Worldwide has been honored with a 2017 When Work Works Award for exemplary workplace practices.

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